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MESTEK 2D Laser Level

MESTEK 2D Laser Level

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Level The Plane Field For Your DIY Home Projects With This!


Need an assist for any upcoming construction projects? If so, then the Norm 2D Laser Level just might be the perfect tool for you. The Norm 2D Laser Level offers laser guided precision for quick and easy leveling, alignment, and squaring applications. 

The Norm 2D Laser Level can project a single beam of light vertically, horizontally or cross-dimensionally at a distance of up to 30 meters.  
The laser level can be fitted on a "L" bracket, level stand (not included) allowing for hands-free assistance for construction projects such as: furniture installation, floor laying, setting decorations, house painting projects and more.
Get yours before it's too late today!


  • Self-Level: Automatically levels when angled at a slope ≤ 4°.
  • Portability: Compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • Dual Laser Projection: Beams two precision crossline lasers.
  • Durability: The level is drop resistant from up to 3ft & is dust/water proof too.



  • Model: T01 / T02
  • Working Time: 20 hours (T01), 8 hours (T02)
  • Laser Wavelength: 630~670nm (red) / 505~550nm (green)
  • Power Supply: 4*AA (Battery not included)
  • Accuracy: 3mm - 10m
  • Weight: 0.37kg
  • Beam Emission Angle: 120°-130°
  • External Dimensions: 9*8.5cm * 5.5 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Working Distance:15m-30m
  • Working Temperature: -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)

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