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XBOX X/S Wireless Keypad (Int)

XBOX X/S Wireless Keypad (Int)

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 Save Time And Effort Every Time You're On Your XBOX X/S!

 2.4G White Wireless Message Chatpad Keyboard KeyPad For Xbox One S  Controller |

Have you ever wished that there was a faster way to type what you want to say or search on your XBOX? Now you can with the revolutionary XBOX X/S Wireless Keypad. This QWERTY styled keyboard allows you to play, surf the web, text and chat just like being on a computer.
Gone are the days where you had to use your XBOX's button controls to tediously type words. Just connect it to your XBOX X or S model controller (see instructions below) then you're all set. Keyboard for Xbox Series X/S Controller, for Xbox One/S/ Controller Gamepad, 2.4Ghz Mini QWERTY Controller Keyboard Gaming Chatpad  with Audio/Headset Jack for Xbox Series X/S Controller-Black : Video Games


  • Ultra Compact- The keyboard's small size, light frame makes it very portable.
  • Universal Compatibility- The controller keyboard is especially designed to connect to: XBOX 1, XBOX 1 S, XBOX 1 X, & XBOX Series X/S controllers.
  • Controller Powered- The keyboard draws power from the controller that it's connected to requiring no batteries or charging outlets to function.
  • Audio Jack- The keyboard comes with a 3.5mm port for audio devices like your headset or earphones.


  1. Connect the keyboard to the back of the XBOX  wireless controller.
  2. Insert the 2.4G receiver to any USB interface on the XBOX (X or S) console, and enter the pairing key on the back of the keyboard within 15 seconds. It will be automatically paired while the blue indicator will glitter. (Note: when pairing, the distance between keyboard and receiver must be within 0.5 meters. If it fails, do the above steps again.)
  3. If pairing is successful, its blue indicator will turn off. (Pair only once between the XBOX keyboard with a 2.4G receiver. Open the console to awake the controller automatically for further use.)
  4. Then you can start the text message and email in the games to execute the text input function.
  5. Notice: Hold down the "Shift" key and select the key you need, then you can type the corresponding symbol. Controller Keyboard for Xbox Series X/Series S/One/S/ Controller  Gamepad, 2.4Ghz Mini QWERTY Controller Keyboard Gaming Chatpad with  Audio/Headset Jack for Xbox Series X/S Controller : Video Games


  • Color: White, Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 0.24 lbs
  • Size: 145mm x 60mm x 45mm
  • Mode Number: TYX-586S
  • Type: Gaming keyboard
  • Interface Type: Bluetooth

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